Skydiving above the Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is a natural wonder than stands on its own. One of the foremost experts of marine life, aquatics and the life of the sea, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, came to Belize on his vessel, the Calypso in 1971, and he mappedĀ  the Blue Hole and made various studies and observations of this natural landmark. Jacques Cousteau who had been around the world many times over, consequently named the Great Blue Hole, as one of the Top Ten Diving Sites In The Whole World.

The Great Blue Hole, also known as, Belize Blue Hole, is located about 43 miles (70 km) from the mainland, amidst the low waters of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, toward the middle of the barrier reef that spans the entire length of the country of Belize. A trip to the great blue hole is an experience you will never forget. The water in Belize is beautiful and when you come onto land the Belizean rain forest is a natural garden with rivers, lagoons, caves, and to top it off the grand, Mayan ruins. Everyday, Belizean tour guides take adventurous tourists and nature lovers to witness the natural and awesome beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef, the atolls, the Blue Hole, the coral reefs and the cayes.

There is diving, and then, there is Diving! Many can say they dived the Great Blue Hole but only a few can say, I sky dived into the Blue Hole. I found this video by video-photographer, Bruno Brokken of folks flying like fearless birds over the Great Blue Hole. It’s awesome.

For more info about skydiving into the blue hole contact: Rich Grimm or visitĀ

Bruno Brokken’s website
USGS notes on The Great Blue Hole of Belize

Scuba Diving in Belize

Scuba Diving in Belize

Scuba diving is a popular form of diving whereby the diver carries their own breathing apparatus in order to dive deep. This sport has become more popular and it has progressed over the years, nowadays this type of diving allows the scuba diver freedom to explore the ocean at their leisure. There are many beautiful places throughout the world where one can scuba dive and one of the most popular places in Belize is the Great Blue Hole, this can only be described as a magnificent phenomenon. Many have enjoyed Scuba Diving in Belize.

Belize is one of the smallest countries in Central America; the Belize barrier reef is so popular that it comes a close second to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. There are so many different reef types in Belize and all are exciting places to explore, the barrier reef meanders over one hundred and eighty five miles, it lies sixteen miles from the mainland and less than a mile offshore from Ambergris Caye.

There are so many places to go scuba diving in Belize. Divers are inspired by the unspoilt surroundings and the captivating reefs. Most sites are easy to access and many are just a short boat ride from the shore. Although now a little overcrowded the main place to scuba dive is the Hol Chan marine reserve, here you can expect to see schools of stingray and nurse sharks. Scuba diving is very popular in this area and there are many scheduled dives throughout the day and night. Conservation is an important concern to the government and the residents, hence no fishing is allowed and the coral cannot be removed. The region has great preservation laws and this is important, diving is enhanced as there is simply so much sea life to view. Scuba divers can expect to dive from forty to one hundred feet deep.

There are many great places to go Scuba Diving In Belize. Without a doubt one of best places to scuba dive in Belize is the Great Blue Hole which can be located at lighthouse reef which is approximately sixty miles from the mainland. Although it is further to travel there are many daily boat trips and The Great Blue Hole is definitely one area not to be missed. The area is spectacular and the large sinkhole that lies in the centre of the reef spans in excess of a quarter of a mile wide. The great blue hole is four hundred and ten feet deep and the place is named so because of the dark blue water that swirls deep inside. Many scuba divers refer to the area as` Blue Holes` and it is thought that it formed many years ago as part of a cave system when the sea levels were much lower.

If you are looking to spot a magnificent whale shark then you may consider visiting Gladden Spit which is in Southern Belize. Sightings of the whale shark are very common there, especially from late March through until June. This is a highly conserved area that is visited by scuba divers and those who love natural beauty and sea life, diving and snorkeling is also highly regulated within the region. Boat trips are limited to specific times of day and the amount of boats allowed in the area at any one time are also limited. Diving is restricted in this area but these waters are home to the magnificent whale shark.

No one should pass up on the opportunity of Scuba diving in Belize. If diving is your passion then there are so many reefs and sights to visit. The area consists of unspoilt land that affords spectacular vistas and the region is well conserved by the people and government of Belize. Scuba divers will find that the water temperature and visibility is good all year round. A diving experience at the great blue hole is one that will never be forgotten; expect to see many different species of fish as well as an array of coral. Sharks inhabit the waters and visitors can expect to see the whale shark, the Hammerhead shark, the Caribbean reef shark and at certain times of the year the Oceanic White Tip shark can be seen, in addition to this divers may see Stingray, Barracuda, Manta Ray and the Spotted Eagle Ray.


Photos of the Great Blue Hole