Fishing In Belize

Fishing In Belize

Surrounded by Guatemala on the west and south, Mexico on the north and The Caribbean Sea on the east Belize, the second smallest country of Central America, attracts thousands of tourists every year who come here in search of adventure. Most of the 240 miles coastline is protected and offers the best to fishermen and adventure seekers. The reef and coastal flats are considered to be some of the best sport fishing spots of the western hemisphere. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest reef in the world. It houses 70 coral species and 500 species of fish.

If you are looking out for an enchanting unique vacation, Belize is the right place for you. With fast flowing rivers, gorgeous limestone caves, thick rain forests, surging waterfalls, magical Maya ruins, fishing, snorkeling and diving spots and long stretches of white sand beaches you have got a lot to discover in this paradise.

Fishing in Belize is an extraordinary experience for those who love to relax while experiencing the nature’s beauty. If you are planning to go fishing in Belize during your vacation there are a few things you need to know.


As per the Belizean law, tourists and nonresidents must apply and own a fishing license before fishing in Belizean waters. Licenses are available for a day, a week or a month. If you just want to see what it’s like to go fishing, you can apply for a license that allows you to fish for a day. If you want to make it a value buy, apply for a weekly or monthly license. Remember that it is mandatory to hold a license; the consequences of not having one will burn a hole in your pocket. You will have to shell out $500 in fines or spend 6 months in the prison. So you see how it can spoil your vacation.

Reefs- a Hot Destination for Fishermen

The reefs of Belize are one of the most sought after destinations for the local fishermen and the residents. The fishes found in these reefs are rainbow runners, tarpon, barracuda, triggerfish, grouper, cobia and bonefish. If you wish to get a glimpse of bigger game fishes, go beyond the reefs. Bigger fish, such as marlin, blue / black-fin tuna, pompano, bonito, albacore, mackerel, sailfish and wahoo thrive in the deep waters of these reefs and hence, you need to venture into the depths of the reefs. Popular fishing spots in these reefs are Glover’s reef, Turneffe Islands, and Lighthouse Atolls.

Fly Fishing

More than 200 miles of the Caribbean coast are perfect for fly fishing. You get to fish snook, permit, bonefish and tarpon on this stretch. Though the license allows you to catch fish, you must release permit, bonefish and tarpon immediately after catching them without causing them harm in any way. This is a mandatory requirement as per the catch-and-release laws of the country.

Catch-and-release Law

Fishing is no doubt a very interesting hobby for the tourists who visit Belize. Your vacation is incomplete if you do not go fishing in Belize. However, do not dream of taking the catch from your fishing adventures back home, as the law does not permit you to do so. You must release tarpon, bonefish and permit immediately after you catch them. This law is enforced in order to protect these species from becoming extinct.

The Great Blue Hole

Do not forget to include a visit to the Great Blue Hole in your vacations. It is one of the most praised natural wonders existing on earth. This is a large sea-hole; probably the largest in the world. It is about 300 meters wide and 125 meters deep. The Great Blue Hole was created about 65,000 years ago due to an increase in the sea level. It is almost circular in shape. It attracts many scuba divers who are on the lookout for rare sea species.

Best Time

Throughout the year, you can find a variety of species along the reef, the best time for fishing in Belize is from May to July. the sun is out for many hours, and the cold fronts stop passing through local waters during these months. If you have a guide to assist you, he or she will tell you about the species found during those months and how to enjoy a better fishing experience.

If you are planning on going fishing in Belize, you can either bring your own fishing equipment or rent it. If you are staying in a hotel or an inn, you might be able to get fishing equipment from it or have them arrange for you to get some. For assistance on the water, you can hire a fishing guide who is trained, licensed and aware of the government’s policies. You can also book vacations to Belize that include fishing and other sport options online or through travel agents.

Scuba the Great Blue Hole