The Great Blue Hole In Belize

The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue HoleĀ is a name that ignites much intrigue. The majority of the world’s population has never heard of the great blue hole before. Located approximately forty miles from Belize City, this geographical landmark is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. The blue hole is a popular diving site which is actually a submarine sinkhole.

This sinkhole has an impressive depth of 410 feet. Over the course of time, water levels are prone to change, as with any natural body of water. Natural sedimentation is a big part of this change. Of course, it will take years for a remarkable difference in depth to occur. Currently, different depth measurements are usually arrived at due to human error.

Scuba divers enjoy this spot as it offers crystal clear water as well as variation of aquatic life. Several types of sharks frequent this location, including Caribbean Reef sharks and Nurse sharks. Jacques Cousteau, the television personality, visited in 1971 to chart the depths and admire the location himself.

In 1997 the Great Blue Hole of Belize became a World Heritage site. This natural wonder is protected by the Belize Audoban Society and is also a Belize National Monument. Locals believe it should be included as one of the seven wonders of the world. Contrary to many oceans and bays, the bottom of the hole is not home to bottom dwellers. The presence of hydrogen sulfide prevents creatures from making the floor their home.

The Great Blue Hole Of Belize measures 984 feet across; the world’s largest natural formation of this type. It was originally formed many years ago during the Ice Age. Man can not duplicate it’s intricacy. Trying to duplicate such a natural formation, creating a replica of sorts, would fall short. This is something people need to travel to themselves in order to fully understand the beauty and allure.

The Great Blue Hole Of Belize is a travel destination for many scuba-divers. It offers wonderful scenery and excellent swimming conditions. This is but one of many breathtaking sites in the world. Outside of being physically pleasing to the eye, there is also some history attached to this sinkhole.

Located in the middle of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, The Great Blue Hole Of Belize was originally formed when sea levels were much lower. It was actually part of a cave system. The caves were flooded with water and therefore formed The Great Blue Hole Of Belize. Historians agree that this area once acted as a fishing community for the Mayan’s long ago.

Human diet was considerably different when the Mayan’s inhabited the area. Today people have the luxury of visiting on technologically advanced boats with the comfort of modern-day foods. It is a true example of the present meeting the past when viewed from a historical aspect.

Under-water cameras are able to capture amazing imagery. This makes it possible for scientists, students, and admirers to learn more about this amazing natural geographical formation. Various photographs of the exterior are available through many resources for individuals who are only able to admire The Great Blue Hole Of Belize from afar.

Deep-sea adventures can be a thrilling adventure. Not everyone is a great swimmer and fewer still are divers. The vast majority of the population will only come to know this area through photographs, books, or Internet sites. People who are fortunate enough to visit this location in person always leave with a lasting memory and a story or two to share with friends.

The Great Blue Hole Of Belize is something of great importance to many people. However, not everyone knows about it. People who live quite a distance away are not focused on it and therefore it’s meaning can diminish. The same can be said for all natural wonders.

The blue hole of Belize is generally not a place young children would appreciate. Young adults and older adults stare in awe. It is very easy to become caught up in daily routines, placing importance on insignificant things. When a day-trip or small vacation is planned for The Great Hole Of Belize, annoyances of daily life melt away. There are many beautiful landscapes the world-over; however, The Great Blue Hole Of Belize tops the list for locals and divers.

Belize A Perfect Vacation Destination.

Why Is Belize A Perfect Vacation Destination?

Anyone who has visited this small Central American destination will be able to answer the question of why is Belize a perfect vacation destination? For such a small country, there is plenty to see and do, and Belize boasts some of the world’s best diving spots, friendly and welcoming people and some of the most spectacular Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula. In addition, Belize is one of the safest and most stable of the Central American countries, English is widely spoken and the local cuisine is delicious – a blend of Caribbean, Spanish and African influences, with an emphasis on fresh seafood.

The country is also easy to reach from just about anywhere in the US. There are direct flights from several cities, including Miami, Houston, Atlanta and Dallas; flying time from Miami is just two hours. Although you could spend weeks enjoying the range of outdoor activities available in Belize, you can also sample the country as part of a cruise. Over a million cruise ship passengers disembark at Belize City every year, to enjoy a variety of excursions from the capital. The country’s climate is similar to that of southern Florida and the warm winter months provide a great excuse to escape from the cold American winter.

Belize has become one of the world’s major destinations for diving and snorkeling, and many divers spend their time around the Belize Barrier Reef; only the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is larger. However, there are plenty of other exciting places to explore the ocean, which appeal to experts and beginners alike. As the name suggests, Shark-Ray Alley is one of the best places to see sharks and stingrays, while Gladden Spit is the perfect place to see whale sharks, which feed and gather close to the surface. Ambergris Caye is also a popular spot for diving and relaxing on the beach, although the area also has some of the best nightlife and bars in Belize.

Many divers will tell you that the best diving spot is the Great Blue Hole, a huge natural sinkhole located about 60 miles off the coast. If you dive here, you can expect to see various species of sharks and tropical fish, as well as enjoy the beautiful coral formations and the crystal clear waters. The hole, which was formed thousands of years ago during the last ice age, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and divers can enjoy it at their own pace, or join one of the many dive excursions that take in the Great Blue Hole.

However, Belize offers much more for lovers of the outdoors than just diving, and the country is the perfect vacation destination for anyone wanting to enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, sailing and exploring the country’s network of caves. Many US tour operators offer organized adventure tours, which are a convenient and affordable way to enjoy everything Belize has to offer. Most of these tours have the advantage of allowing you to travel with like minded people in small groups, and benefit from the advice of an expert tour guide. For anyone concerned about the environment, Belize is a well known eco-tourism destination, and nature-friendly lodges offer an opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy wildlife and bird watching.

Centuries ago, the Mayans occupied this corner of the Yucatan Peninsula and left behind some impressive monuments. Altun Ha is easy to reach from the capital, Belize City and features two large central squares, and dozens of tombs and temples, many of which are still being excavated. Caracol is the largest Mayan site in the country and is the site of over 100 tombs, as well as the country’s tallest man made structure, the main pyramid standing almost 140 feet high. Lamanai is considered to be one of the most picturesque of the ruins, and features three large and distinctive pyramids. You can easily visit the ruins on your own, or as part of an organized tour.

Spectacular diving, Mayan ruins, a wide variety of outdoor activities, great beaches and delicious food, and a safe and welcoming country; it is easy to answer the question of why is Belize a perfect vacation destination?